Assessment of Student Progress     

The development of our curriculum is based on guidelines from the New York State Education Department, the Common Core Curriculum and the Education Department of the Diocese of Rockville Centre.


The assessment of student progress is based on standard report cards that are used throughout the Diocese.  These reports are designed for each grade.  The expectations of the Diocese are explained on each set of cards.  The marking system includes class participation, tests, quizzes, homework and projects.


The Personal Growth and/or Community Awareness section is a vital aspect of the report card.  Parents/guardians should study this portion carefully because improvement in this area may positively influence the academic area.


Promotion Policy

Promotion to the next grade is contingent upon successful completion of the academic requirements of the current grade level.  In an effort to ensure each student reaches their full potential, additional academic support is required as follows:


Kindergarten: Retention is required for students who demonstrate a lack of readiness for formal academic instruction. 


Grades 1-4: Any student who is below grade level in English Language Arts and/or Math must be considered a candidate for retention.  Students who are deficient in English Language Arts and/or Math may also be required to attend summer school.


Grades 5-8: Any student who is below grade level in any 2 of the major subjects (Religion, English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Grades 6-8, Spanish)  must be considered a candidate for retention.  Any student who is deficient in any 2  of these subjects may also be required to attend summer school. 


Grade 8: Diploma withheld until completion of summer school.


Consultation between parent/guardian and teacher concerning retention and/or summer school at all grade levels will take place at mid-year conferences.


Options for Summer School

District Schools

Check with your home district to see if they offer an academic summer school program. 

Certified Tutor

Certified tutors will be recommended upon parental request.  The tutoring process must continue during the summer and a report with testing results submitted to the school.  A minimum of 12 hours is required per subject.






  Eighth graders shall participate in a Baccalaureate Mass, Class Night and Graduation exercises.

At Graduation, scholastic medals are awarded in Religion, English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Physical Education, Health, and Spanish.  The student who has achieved the highest overall average in all subject areas is awarded the General Excellence Medal.

Additional awards are presented in four general categories at Class Night: Special Recognition achieved during the school year, Service to St. Christopher’s, Recognition for Special Honors and Scholastic Honors.

Tuition for all Eighth grade students must be current by the time of graduation, unless other arrangements have been made with the Principal and/or the Pastor. The school reserves the right to exclude from public graduation ceremonies students whose tuition is not current at the time of graduation.

Prior to school closing in June, Grades 1-7 will participate in a merit award program.




New York State Testing Program


Grade 4: English Language Arts




Grade 6: English Language Arts



Grade 8: Science


Standardized Testing


Grade 1: COGATS (March)


Grade 4 & 7: COGATS (October)


Grade 2-8: IOWA's (October)