Mrs. Lynch Pre-Kindergarten Class

    Full Day Pre-Kindergarten

Children will be welcomed into a nurturing environment, which strongly believes that children learn through hands on activities and play. Through everyday experiences we try to help children develop spiritually, socially, emotionally and cognitively. This helps develop a high self-esteem in each individual, which leads to a positive feeling towards learning. 

             PreK News in April

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a Blessed Easter and had some time to enjoy the break.  Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great. I think there were far more lion days than lamb days in the month of March, but it looks like they carried over into April. Hopefully it will begin to feel like Spring soon and the children will be able to go over to the playground.

We will continue Unit 7 The City Mouse and the Country Mouse. With each unit the children are challenged a little more to help develop listening and comprehension skills; which are very important in the development of emergent readers. The letters that we will cover will be Oo, Pp, Qq. In Math we will be introducing positioning (shortest-longest; tall-short; thin-wide) 


Important Dates:

April 20th - School Mass - 8:40 Arrival               

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at


Monday- Gym
Tuesday- Gym
Wednesday- Music
Thursday- Library
Friday- Computer