Physical Education
Physical Education K-4
 Students must be prepared with their proper uniforn on their Physical Education Day. 
Students in grades K-4 will receive lunch detention for failure to wear their proper uniform on Physical Education Day.

Physical Education 5-8          
Students must be prepared with their proper uniform on their Physical Education Day. A student that fails to wear their proper Physical Education uniform will receive a warning slip. All warning slips must be signed and returned to Mrs. Beihoff the following day.  A demerit will be issued for three warning slips for any uniform infraction. 

Physical Education classes will begin September 2016

Physical Education Days:

Pre-K(1) Thursday and Friday
Pre-K(2)  Wednesday and Thursday
K- Monday and Tuesday
1-1  Tuesday and Thursday
2-1 Monday and Friday
2-2 Monday and Thursday
3-1-Thursday and Friday
4- Tuesday and Wednesday
5-1- Monday and Thursday
6-1 Thursday
7-1 Tuesday
7-2 Wednesday