Mrs. O'Heir- Kindergarten (K-1)
Happy Memorial Day! I hope that you enjoyed the days off. We had a wonderful Field Day in spite of the disappointment of Baldwin Park being off limits due to the wet conditions. Our parent volunteers were fantastic- thank you to all who made the day fun for the children. Thursday was Ascension Thursday - beautiful Feast Day.  Lucky for us that we didn't use all the allotted snow days and could extend the weekend. 

Last  week: In Religion we talked about the fact that God never stops loving us no matter what we may do. We learned about the days that Jesus remained with the Apostles after His Resurrection and how He Ascended to Heaven after He promised that He would be with them forever. He promised to send His Spirit. In math we began to work in Chapter 12: Classify and Sort Data.  In ELA we continued to work in our last Letter-book: XY,Z/.  Again our theme was: Summer Birthdays!            
This Week: 
Religion:  Chapter 20: " We Love Jesus" The children will tell many of their favorite Gospel stories.
Math: We will work in Chapter 12:  Classify and Sort Data.  
ELA: We will continue in the last Letter-book. 
Centers theme: We continue to celebrate Summer Birthdays!                                      

General Info: 

1.  We are celebrating Summer Birthdays everyday this week       so No Snack necessary! 
2.  Please continue to practice the speaking part for             Graduation.   

Monday - Gym with Mrs. Beihoff (sneakers are a MUST)
Tuesday - Gym
Wednesday - Computer with Mrs. Piazza 
Wednesday - Library with Mrs. Hissong
Thursday - Art with Mrs. Moore
Friday - Music with Mrs. Williams