Mrs. O'Heir- Kindergarten (K-1)

It's Thanksgiving time! I am very grateful to be a teacher in a Catholic School and to be able to share the Gospel message with the students. I thank you for entrusting your children to us and being such supportive partners in their education.  Mrs. Corbi, Mrs. Allocca and I wish you a lovely Thanksgiving Day and recess.        

LAST WEEK:  In Religion we talked about God's gift of our 5 Senses. We named our favorite things to see, hear, smell, taste and feel. We thank God for our senses.  In Math we completed Chapter 4: "Represent and Compare Numbers to 10." In ELA we began to work in Letter-book: "Sal." Our theme was Thanksgiving Projects. The children have been working on some lovely surprises for you.  Thursday was Principal Appreciation day.  The class made a beautiful "Kinder-garden" scene with their pictures as the flowers!  We celebrated Kimaya's 5th Birthday on Friday. 

Religion:  Thanksgiving! We will hear the story of "The Thankful Man" - the one leper (of 10) who returned to thank Jesus for curing him. We will attend School Mass on Wednesday at 9:00. .  
Math: We will have fun with some Thanksgiving Math dittos. 
ELA: We will complete Letter-book "Sal." 
Centers Theme: Finish all the Thanksgiving Projects
1. Wednesday: School Mass @ 9:00 for Thanksgiving! 
2. Wednesday: Class celebration for Thanksgiving- no snack needed. 
4. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the turkey and the days off! 


1. Monday: ART with Mrs. Fennessey
2. Tuesday: GYM with Mrs. Beihoff
3. Wednesday : COMPUTER with Mrs. Piazza  and GYM
4. â€‹Thursday: LIBRARY with Mrs. Hissong
5.  Friday: MUSIC with Mrs. Williams