Mrs. O'Heir- Kindergarten (K-1)
Our Kindergarten Year has come to an end!
I am so thankful for your cooperation and partnership in the learning process this year.  We had a wonderful time together. The children in this class are very special. They are caring, eager, delightful learners. They play well together and are respectful of each unique personality in the group. This is a great lesson to learn early on. We have some budding artists, singers, actors, leaders, and humanitarians. Looking at the Lego structures, I think engineers and architects as well. They have successfully completed the Kindergarten curriculum and are ready for First Grade. 
Each June I read the wonderful Eric Carle book, A House For Hermit Crab.  In the book a hermit crab finds a shell for his home and spends the year decorating it and making friends. But at the end of the year he realizes that he has outgrown the shell and needs to move on to find a bigger one. The children come to realize that they, too, have outgrown the Kindergarten shell. They are ready for the big world of First Grade with all new learning and fun experiences ahead of them. They are eager to explore these possibilities in the Fall. We wish them well and look forward to watching them grow and bloom over the years here at St. Christopher School. 
A special thank you to Ms. Jaeger for all the wonderful parties and treats over the year.  The Class Coordinator works from September to June and truly sets the tone for the year. She made sure that the children had a fabulous experience and we are grateful to her.    
Mrs. Corbi, Mrs. Allocca and I will truly remember this year very fondly and pray for the children and your families as well. 

General Info: 
1. Monday 6/18/18:  Last Day of Kindergarten.
2. No lunch or snack needed - it's our End of the Year Party!
3. Graduation - 7:00 in McGoldrick Hall.  ALL are welcome!
4. Please take the mobile that is hanging up at the end of the night. 
5. HAPPY SUMMER VACATION!  Rest & relaxation sounds like a plan! 
6. See you in September on the First Grade line! 

Monday: Computer with Mrs. Piazza
2. Tuesday:Gym with Mrs. Beihoff
3. Wednesday : Music with Mrs. Williams and Library with Mrs. Hissong
4. â€‹Thursday: Art with Mrs. Moore
5.  Friday: Gym