Mrs. O'Heir- Kindergarten (K-1)

IT'S AUTUMN! I hope that you enjoyed the last day of Summer. I really do not like to see the hot weather go, but the classroom is much more comfortable when the temperature cools down. 

LAST WEEK: In Religion we completed Chapter 2: "God Creates the World."  The children realized that God created the beautiful natural wonders such as mountains, oceans, deserts, rivers, flowers etc. In Math we continued to work in Chapter 1: Represent, Count and Write Numbers 0 to 5. In ELA we began the first Letter-book in the Superkids series. "Cass" concentrates on letter: Cc, sound /k/ as in cat, count, cupcake. The children made character masks for the play, "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." We had several classroom productions. Everyone had a chance on our "stage" and the actors were amazing- Broadway bound someday in the future! We sent the masks  home so that you can have family productions as well. The children loved making the Clay-dough on Friday. They brought home the simple recipe. We had our first Secret Reader. Thank you to Mrs. Connan for taking the plunge and being our first Reader.  

Religion: Chapter 3: "God Creates the Animals". The children will appreciate that God created and loves all animals. some can be our pets. We must treat animals with respect and care. We will learn the Bible story of Noah and the Ark. . 
Math: We will complete work in Chapter 1: " Represent, Count and Write Numbers 0 to 5".  We will begin Chapter 2: "Compare Numbers to 5."  ALL numbers are formed from TOP TO BOTTOM!
ELA: We will complete our first book is Letter-book "Cass" and it will go home. 
Centers Theme: Johnny Appleseed

1. We are still in SUMMER UNIFORMS. 
2. Homework should be done in pencil.  

SPECIALS:Monday: ART with Mrs. Fennessey
2. Tuesday: GYM with Mrs. Beihoff
3. Wednesday : COMPUTER with Mrs. Piazza  and GYM
4. â€‹Thursday: LIBRARY with Mrs. Hissong
5.  Friday: MUSIC with Mrs. Williams