Mrs. O'Heir- Kindergarten (K-1)
The month is flying by and it is already time for our second Parent/Teacher Conference. We will follow the same time schedule as December. If you have forgotten the time that you were assigned for our 1st conference, just jot me note or email me and I will send you the date and time of our meeting.  We have a fun night planned for this Wednesday. It is always a favorite of the children - Our Pajama Party. The children come back to school in their PJs at 7:00 for an hour of bedtime stories, relaxation exercises, a craft and milk and cookies! You can enjoy a relaxing hour with fellow parents as you nibble a sweet treat and sip a coffee.  
Last week: In Religion the children learned that Jesus used stories to teach us about God's love for us. These Parables are found in the Bible.  We hear many of the Parables at Mass each Sunday.  In math we continued to work in Chapter 9: Identify and Describe Two-Dimensional shapes.  We concentrated on circle and square and discussed the properties of both shapes.  In ELA  we began the Letter-book for Pp, Vv, Ww.  We completed some of the pages for Pp /p/. The children enjoyed marble painting.  We celebrated Jaden Hannay's 6th birthday on Friday.  We had some disappointed children because the "ducks" were sold out.  I don't think the Student Council anticipated the popularity of these little toys and they quickly were bought up in the first few days of sale.   
This Week: 
Religion: Chapter 16: "Jesus Gives Thanks" The children will realize that prayer flows from thankfulness for God's love. They will hear the story of Jesus and the Blind Man.  Jesus showed us how to pray. 
Math: We will continue Chapter 9: Identify and Describe Two - Dimensional shapes.  
ELA: We will complete the letter Pp /p/ pages of this book in the Superkids' Club series.
Centers theme: Puzzles with a Partner!                                         

General Info: 

1. Monday: Reading Log due. 
2. Wednesday: Pajama Party at 7:00 PM
3. Friday: Shopping at the Book Fair- if your child will be shopping, please put the name of the book in with the money in the envelope. 
4. Thursday & Friday: Parent /Teacher Conference days- NOON DISMISSAL! 

Monday - Gym with Mrs. Beihoff (sneakers are a MUST)
Tuesday - Gym
Wednesday - Computer with Mrs. Piazza 
Wednesday - Library with Sr. Marilyn
Thursday - Art with Mrs. Moore
Friday - Music with Mrs. Williams