Mrs. O'Heir- Kindergarten (K-1)
I hope that you enjoyed the three day weekend. The children brought home their Dr. MLK dream crowns and Mrs. Lederer put up a photo on the Instagram page. 

Last Week: In Religion we talked about the gift of friends. Jesus had friends when he lived on earth. He ate and visited with Mary, Martha and Lazarus. His 12 Disciples were His friends and He treated all with respect and love. We must do so too and pray for each other. In Math, we began to work in Chapter 6: Subtraction. We use the term and sign (-) minus and = when reading subtraction sentences.  We completed the Letter-book: "Tic, Tac, Toc".  We had many projects, books and lessons about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The children learned about his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. We "daydreamed" and the children drew their wishes for a better world and completed a sentence strip below the pictures. Some beautiful thoughts come from these innocent and pure minds. The world would be a better place if people in power listened to the wisdom of children! The children painted at the easels on Friday and we have good looking snowmen hanging up!     

This Week:

Religion: Chapter 10: "God Gives Me Teachers." The children will appreciate that God has given them many teachers. First and most important are parents and family members. Then the children learn from babysitters, daycare workers, teachers, coaches. etc.  We can be teachers too when we share our talents with others. 
Math: We will complete Chapter 6: Subtraction.                  ELA: We will begin Letter-book "Frits" F/f /f/.    
Theme: Winter Projects  

General Info:
1. Monday: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - school closed! 
2. The Student Council is sponsoring the collection of pennies for the leukemia and lymphoma research project. 
3. Please think of a Senior Friend for your child to invite to our classroom for a special project on Thursday 2/1.

Monday: Computer with Mrs. Piazza
Tuesday: Gym with Mrs. Beihoff - SNEAKERS PLEASE! 
Wednesday: Music with Mrs. Williams 
                       Library with Mrs. Hissong
​Thursday: Art with Mrs. Moore
​Friday: Gym