Mrs. O'Heir- Kindergarten (K-1)
It's Thanksgiving time! One of the things that I am so very thankful for is the privilege of being a teacher in a Catholic school.  I sincerely thank you for entrusting your children to us and being such supportive partners in their education. Mrs. Corbi, Mrs. Allocca and I wish you a lovely Thanksgiving Day and  a restful recess. 

Last Week:
In Religion we talked about the God given gift of our Five Senses. In Math we completed Chapter 4: Represent and Compare Numbers to 10. In ELA we worked in Letter-book 5: "Doc" Dd /d/.  Some children are forming the lowercase d incorrectly. It begins as c and without lifting the pencil go up to the top line and trace back down. Letters b and d are often confusing and if they are formed correctly it is easier to distinguish them. The children worked very hard on a Thanksgiving project for you! Thank you for sending in the leaves. We have some lovely leaf hangings in the windows. We have completed the project. Thursday was Principal Appreciation Day and our class made a book: "How well do we know our Principal?"  Each child had a page with a question to answer about what Mrs. Lederer might like. She is going to come in one day to let us see how much we know/do not know about her! On Thursday afternoon our 8th graders came to buddy with our class. Each Kindergarten student made a Thankful Pilgrim- with the help of the buddies. They are hanging up outside of our room. It was great fun for both the Kindergarten and 8th grade students. On Friday the student nurses from Molloy College presented some hands-on exhibits at the Health Fair. The children enjoyed visiting the different stations. The easels came out on Friday and our little artists painted beautiful turkeys to decorate your walls on Thanksgiving Day.       
This Week:
Religion: Thanksgiving! We will hear the Bible Story of the Thankful Man. He was the one leper (out of 10) who thanked Jesus for his cure. We will attend School Mass on Wednesday @ 9:00  
Math: We will have fun with math dittos- Thanksgiving themes.    
ELA: We will complete Letter- book: "Doc" - Dd /d/.    
Centers Theme:  Thanksgiving!

General Info:
1. Wednesday: School Mass @ 9:00 for Thanksgiving! 
2. NOON DISMISSAL on Wednesday- no After School 
3. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the turkey and the days off!   

Monday: Computer with Mrs. Piazza
Tuesday: Gym with Mrs. Beihoff - SNEAKERS PLEASE! 
Wednesday: Music with Mrs. Williams 
                       Library with Mrs. Hissong
​Thursday: Art with Mrs. Moore
​Friday: Gym