Art with Mrs. Moore:
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Welcome Back!
We are happy to be at school and jumping right into art with Pinwheels for Peace.  Pinwheels for Peace in an international activity to promote students expressing their thoughts on world events by promoting peace world wide.  Students from grades K-8 were asked to design their own pinwheel using drawings, symbols, and words to convey a message of peace.  The pinwheels were displayed outside on Thursday September September 21, which is a day to recognized to world world wide to promote peace.  It was just one way in which the students participated in Peace Day.

In October students grades K through 7 were encouraged to continue to promote Peace each and every day not just one day a year.  They were asked to this of a word that fosters what peace means to them and draw the word and embellish it with simple line drawings.  


Students also began drawing there portfolio name covers.  This project is done so that students are encouraged to take ownership of their art and make designs unique to them as they are each uniquely created by God.

We have also all been working hard with a little Christmas in October to prepare drawings for the Courier that will be coming out in November/December.

Looking forward:

We will be working on various artist in grades K through 7 and having some fun drawing our thankful pictures for Thanksgiving  and panting our watercolor fall foliage.

Will be exciting while we create art that helps us prepare during Advent for Christmas. 
We will really get creative as we create our Holy Family artwork.