Art with Mrs. Moore:
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September:  We were immersed in the meaning of the word LANDSCAPE as it refers to the orientation of the page and as a form of art expression.  The students were all asked to draw their summer landscape and then use color pencils to complete it.  The students took to the task of creating the picture so that people viewing it would know where they were.  When designing their landscape scene they became aware of how important it is to have the sky meet the horizon.  While the students were creating their landscape drawings they were introduced to a variety of different landscape artists from Hudson River Painters to Photographer Ansel Adams Scenic Views.  It was a lot of fun to hear all the adventures many students shared as they created. Whether their landscape was a breathtaking beach or their blissful backyard the students put great effort into their work.

r:  The students experienced Christmas in October so that students could prepare their drawings for the Christmas edition of the St. Christopher Courier and for Square 1 Art.  The students were asked to draw pictures that were Christmas themed, but kept Christ in Christmas.  It was wonderful to see so many students embrace the concept.  There are quite a few talented artists right here at St. Christopher School.  After each student completed their Courier piece they jumped into a Christmas design in full color for Square 1 Art.  The nice thing about the Square 1 Art is not only are the students creating colorful artwork ~ but their artwork can be ordered on gift items such as coffee/tea mugs, aprons, mouse pads, tote bags, etc.  If you choose to order some gifts from you child's art work keep an eye out for the order forms, Home and School should be sending them home soon.  
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We tumbled back into fall and began working on water color washed patterned paper to emulate the way patterns can be seen in many things in nature like plants, shells, acorns, etc.  The patterned paper we painted will be used to create leaves with die cuts.  The students learned what a die cut is and how it can be used to create many designs.  Look for our bulletin board in the front hallway of  St. Christopher School.  Our welcome sign will be transformed into a fabulous fall flurry of leaves from all the students.  As we continue we will learn about artists like Thaneeya McArdle and others who create art from patterns.  As November continues we will work on the Thanksgiving theme with fun pictures of turkeys, cornucopias, and the Thanksgiving table.                                                                                      
Illustration Of Colorful Autumn Leaves.png Thanksgiving Turkey.pngIllustration Of Colorful Autumn Leaves.png
We will begin looking at Land Art artists and we will be decking the halls with decora
tions!  It should be lots of fun and we look forward to being able to be creative different art mediums.
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