Grade 8 ELA- Mrs. Kersey




Welcome back!  We will begin this year in ELA, with a strong focus on grammar.  The goal is to make sure you are confident with your grammar skills prior to taking the High School Placement test next month.   We will also review your understanding of literary elements and techniques.  Throughout the year, you will be tasked with a variety of writing assignments.  Not only will we refine your writing skills, but your writing style as well.  Finally, we will work on public speaking – you will talk a lot in this class!  Be prepared to express your thinking, while also listening and evaluating the thoughts of your classmates. 

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Each student will be required to read and critique one book, ( must be approved by Mrs. Kersey), per month. This book is to be read in addition to any reading being done in class. Image result for teacher and student clipart



Assignments can be found in the calendar tab.
Please use the homework posted here in conjunction with your child's agenda--not in place of it. You may find it helpful to compare your son/daughter's agenda against the assignments found here. This is a great way to check the accuracy of your child's recording of assignments