Grade 6 Social Studies- World Civilizations
6th grade extra help will be Monday mornings from 8:00-8:30.  If a student misses class due to illness, serving a mass, AIS, resource... it is their responsibility to get any notes or work they missed. They should utilize extra help sessions & homeroom to copy notes from a friend or to see me regarding the class period. 


>Final HW assignment "Welcome to the Renaissance" on Edmodo due June 19th.


6th Grade SS Final will be Thursday- 6/15. 

*Remember to utilize Ebook!!  Can access through Shared Folder in Google Drive, as well as in menu bar and under References.

Projects: T3 Project- Lesson Plans due June 9th. Copy of assignment can be found under 'Resources.'

>>T3 Extra Credit: complete a source document, copies can be found under 'Resources' as well as in the SS Shared Google Drive folder. Due by June 16th.

*Tentative 6th Grade Final Schedule:
Wednesday- 6/7: ELA
Thursday- 6/8: Spanish
Friday- 6/9: Religion
Monday- 6/12: Math
Tuesday- 6/13: Health
Wednesday- 6/14: Science
Thursday- 6/15: Social Studies
Friday- 6/16: Make-ups

Homework, Testing & Graded Policies 
- Written assignments and essays will be graded based on ELA and structure, in additional to factual content. 
- Homework is expected to be completed correctly & carefully, and handed in on time. Any late project or assignment will receive a letter grade off every day it is late.  Although many assignments will be benchmark assignments, students should be doing a little work every night.  
-Tests & projects will be graded with rubrics. 
- In order to achieve academic success students need to be aware of the criteria for grading all work.  Projects,performance tasks, tests and quizzes are to be considered in assessing student achievement.  In addition, a student’s grade includes homework, class participation, notebooks,  journals, and cumulative assessments, as well as other forms of assessments.

Student work is outstanding and consistently demonstrates thorough and above gravel level understanding of standards and objectives. Student exhibits an ability to think critically in new situations, apply higher order thinking skills and produces work that integrates and applies learned skills in creative and complex ways.  
4: Student work is commendable and demonstrates thorough and consistent understanding of grade level standards and objectives. Student completes work independently and integrates learned concepts and skills.  
3: Student work demonstrates an understanding of grade level standards and objectives. Student completes work independently and satisfactorily, and integrates/ applies expected concepts and skills. 
2: Student work demonstrates a partial understanding of grade level standards and objectives. Student exhibits inconsistent understanding and application of concepts and skills. 
1: Student work does not meet grade level standards and objectives; demonstrates minimal understanding.  Shows little organizational, reason & critical thinking skills; independent tasks are only completed with assistance.