Grade 5 - 2K16/17

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Final Schedule
Religion 6/7
ELA 6/9
SS 6/12
Math 6/13
Science 6/15

May 30 , 2017      


 - Text 399-402 due Thursday
Spelling - 

ELA - Esperanza should be completed by June 9th.  Work on ELA final.


Special Schedule
Monday Gym 10:52
Tuesday Health 9:28
Wednesday Music 9:28, CPU 10:52
Thursday Gym 8:45, Art 10:52
Friday Library 10:10, Spanish 1:01

African American History Month Book Report


Students & Guardians,


          The students will be put into pairs to read their own biography on an influential member of African American culture.  Each member of the group will bring their findings to class to write a compare and contrast essay in class.  The pairs will write the second essay in class in which they will be provided ample time to hand in another essay.

          The unit will consist of two grades.  Each individual book report assigned will be graded as well as the compare and contrast essay.  There will be a stronger emphasis on grading individual work however I find it important for us to continue working together as well.  Additionally, I wanted to make the group work a class activity so no one would need to be inconvenienced outside of class.

          I hope to start seeing children bringing in novels for me to approve.  The outline that needs to be followed can be found below.  A traditional five paragraph essay will be required for the individual book report. 

          As always, if there are any questions, please feel free to ask.


Mr. Nappi


Individual Book Report Due Date:  Friday, January 27th

  1. Biographical Data:

Birthdate, Family/Siblings, Country of origin/Where you are from, Childhood facts, Education, etc.

  1. Why is the individual you are studying famous?  What did they do first?

  2. The impact your individual made on society.  What influence can we still see today due to their contributions?

Use your creativity!   Quotes are always helpful to start an introduction! 


Extra Help is given on Thursday Mornings unless there is a test on a different day of the week.           
Please sign planners on a nightly basis
It is extremely important that children who are buying lunch bring in exact change.  We do not have the resources to make change for all of the students.


Bibliography Source

Remember on the "cite" tab gives you all the information.     


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