5-1 with Ms. Lombardo

I am happy to welcome you to the Fifth Grade! I am looking forward to a very exciting and productive 2017-2018 school year. Fifth Grade is a wonderful time in your child's life. Your child will experience an incredible amount of growth and have many opportunities for great accomplishments and success throughout the year. 

Contact Information:

What we have been working on:

Social studies- The Netherlands and colonies.

ELA- We are working on our book groups and novel journals. We are practicing note taking skills, writing character analysis, and chapter summaries.

We are currently working on the story "Old Yeller" in our Journeys textbook. The story is historical fiction. Students are focusing on sensory language and dialect within the story.

Grammar- Action verbs, direct objects, and indirect objects.
Math- We are working on decimals! Place value, subtraction, addition, and multiplying using decimals.
-Money word problems
-Chart and tables 
-Estimating with decimals

Writing- When we write to answer questions we have been working a lot with using text evidence and quoting what we have read.

We also write in on our writing journals as much as possible, the students love sharing their stories with me and the class.

Religion- Chapter 10 


*Math test on chapter 3 on wed. Jan 17th
*Social studies chapter 5 test on Fri. Jan 19th


TUESDAY: Art and Gym
WEDNESDAY: Health and Library 
THURSDAY: Spanish and Gym


- Student work demonstrates a thorough and consistent understanding of grade level standards and objectives. Student completes work independently and integrates learned concepts and skills.

- Student work demonstrates an understanding of grade level standards and objectives. Student completes work satisfactorily and applies expected skills to work.

- Student work demonstrates partial understanding of grade level standards and objectives. Student exhibits inconsistent understanding and application of concepts and skills.

1 - Student work demonstrates minimal understanding of grade level standards and objectives; evidences very limited organizational, reasoning and critical thinking skills; completing independent tasks only with assistance, struggles with grade level standards and objectives producing less than expected work.