4-1 with Mrs. Schweers

Week of March 19, 2018


Students will continue working on fractions.  They will be working on identifying equivalent fractions, simplest form and common denominators.

   This week we will continue discussing Holy Week and Easter Sunday.  We we also begin Chapter 7, reading about the Beatitudes.  Our class will be will be going to the Church with Fr. Zientarski for Stations of The Cross on Tuesday afternoon.


Over the next week and a half we will work on writing an extended response and different types of text structures that they may be exposed to on the exam.  We will be working on reading and practicing using questions from past exams and work in our Ready books.  The goal is to have them become familiar with the format and structure  of the questions on the exam.

This week in Science we will begin the new Ecosystem Chapter.  We will be reading about how ecosystems are balanced, how do organisms interact and how do environments change?
A Ecosystem Diorama project was handed out to the students and is due on Monday March 26th.  

Looking Ahead
Diorama Project Due March 26th
Scientist of the Month Due March 27th
Saint of the Month Due March 28th

I look forward to seeing you at conferences this week. 

I will be offering extra help for the NYS ELA test on Thursday morning this week at 8:15.    If your child is going to attend please send me an email so I know how many to expect.  

  Our classroom is out of tissues.  If you can spare a box or two it would be greatly appreciated.  

Please note your child needs a note or a phone call to the office for any change in dismissal.  

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  My email address is aschweers@stchris-school.org

To everything there is a season, a time to every purpose under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1)