Welcome To Mrs. Krauss' Class
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               A special thank you to Mrs. Canales-Alvizuri (Isa's mom) and to 
 Mrs. Huggins (Aniya's mom) for organizing, providing materials, and helping our class
make our special Halloween project!  The children loved creating their own "Haunted Houses"!
                                 A fun afternoon was enjoyed by all!!  

  Looking forward to a special year of learning and working together with you and your child!    

                                       IMPORTANT REMINDERS:  

*It is VERY IMPORTANT that your child knows how he/she will be dismissed from school!*
Please send in form or note stating if your child will be taking a bus (# of bus)
or if they will be a walker and will be picked up from school, 
as well as who will be picking them up!!  ​If there is a change in dismissal, please call
the office no later than 2:30 pm!! 

*IMPORTANT:  Please Note
If we do not receive a note or a phone call regarding a change in dismissal
procedure, your child will be sent home in their usual way.

* The "Specials Teachers and or Teacher Aides" and I will be taking turns taking
out the walkers at dismissal.

*After-School Program available* / Please send in note if your child will be attending!

* Hot Lunches:  Please sent in exact change in an envelope or Ziploc bag.
You may also purchase a "lunch card" for $20.00.  

*UNIFORMS:  Winter Uniforms have begun.  School sweaters must be worn. 

*ON GYM DAYS: The children should wear the navy/dark blue St. Christopher sweatshirt with
the blue t-shirt underneath, St. Chris sweatpants and white sneakers.  

**HOMEWORK: Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday.
Homework assignments are found on the "Monthly Calendar", on the left  
 side of the class page.  Click on words.  Then, click on day/ date.  Homework assignment is
listed.**  Students should read and work on IXL skills on the weekend.
*READING LOG FOLDERS: Due on the First of the Month ~ If day falls on the weekend,
return it on the next school day!

THIS WEEK: November 13 ~ 17

Important Reminder: 

*Supply Money was due on: October 25!  Please send in money due, if you
have not already done so.  Thank you!  

*Monday, Nov. 13 ~ FAST~ Bring sneakers and/or a change of clothes
*Friday, Nov. 17~ Health Fair ~ Our class will be visiting during school hours


Monday:  Computer: 1:01-1:41- Mrs. Piazza
Tuesday: Art: 1:43-2:23 - Mrs. Moore
Wednesday: 1:43-2:23 - Gym - Mrs. Beihoff
Thursday: 1:01 - 1:41 - Library - Mrs. Hissong
Friday: 10:52-11:32 - Gym - Mrs. Beihoff
           12:17 - 12:57 - Music - Mrs. Williams

Lunch/Recess: 11:34 - 12:14

*Children may bring a bag lunch or they may order lunch.  If ordering lunch, please
send in exact change in an envelope, labeled with child's name and order.
*Lunch Cards my also be purchased for $20.00.*


Mondays: Chicken Nuggets ~ $ 2.00
Tuesdays: Hamburger ~ $ 2.00
               French Fries ~ $ 1. 50
Wednesday: Bagels ~ Plain, Butter, Cream Cheese ~ $ 2.00
                  Mac and Cheese ~ $ 2.00
Thursday:  Hot Dog or Grilled Cheese sandwich ~ $ 2.00
Friday:       Pizza ~ $ 2.00 per slice

DRINKS:  Reg. or Chocolate Milk ~ $ .50
              Apple or Orange juice ~ $ .75
              Water: $ .75




RELIGION:    The  Sacrament of Reconciliation
                       Steps of the Sacrament 
We Can Choose What is Good
                     Free Will ~ Our conscience ~What is sin?
                     Choosing between right and wrong.
                     Parable of The Prodigal Son and The Lost Sheep

READING:: We will be finishing up our Bat activities and Unit next week.

Our culminating book and activities will revolve around a children's favorite:
Stellaluna!  We will be reading the book and working on different fun and interesting 
activities related to this wonderful story including: Summarizing, Problem and Solution,
 Sequencing, Comparing and Contrasting Bats and Birds....  

We have been reading many different books (fiction and nonfiction). news articles, reading passages, and poems , and working on different activities about bats.  
The children made  "bat folders", where they have kept all of the Bat
activities we have worked on. The children are very excited about
sharing the activities included in their folders with you .  
These folders will be sent home at the end of the unit.
There will be a test at the end of the unit. (Facts learned and Vocabulary)

 PHONICS:   Long Vowel Sounds 
SPELLING:   No Spelling due to Bat Unit.

VOCABULARY:   Bat Vocabulary Review and Reinforcement

*bat, mammal,furry, pup, wings, fingers, caves, roost, colony, migrate, hibernate, vampire,
fruit, insects, nocturnal, nurseries, microbats, megabats, echolocation*
*Students will be introduced to the words, in groups.  They will need to know and
understand the meanings of the above words and how they relate to bats!

ELA/ GRAMMAR:                        
                      Subject and Predicate of a sentence
                      Multiple Meanings of Words 
                      Opinion Writing / Non-Fiction Facts 

 MATH: ​  Place Value ~ Tens and Ones                   
*Identifying the Value of a Number          
*Expanded Notation                          

SCIENCE:  Introduction to Unit on Animals

Animals with Backbones ~
Classes of Animals: Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish
Characteristics of each class of animals 

SOCIAL STUDIES:       Geography
                                    Map Skills ~ Reading and following directions on a Map
                                    The Seven Continents and Oceans / Names and Locations
              *We will be reinforcing concepts and skills and preparing for a test
next Tuesday.  Study Guides and folders will be sent home.                                   
                    Thanksgiving Theme: Books, Stories Poems, and Activities
                                 Scholastic News  
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