Welcome To Mrs. Krauss' Class
CKid Wearing Cap.pngGirl Wearing Polka Dot Dress.png                   
                      I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED THE LONG WEEKEND!    
(As you will notice, all of the information on our class page was somehow deleted. I will be 
updating it little by little.)  

WEEK OF: May 29- June 2
(I can't believe it is almost June!!)

READING: Story: The Story of Helen Keller (Biography)

SPELLING:  Words with the Long O Sound (Spelled: -o, -oa, and -ow)

1. own 2. most 3 . soap 4. float  5. both  6. know  7. loan
8. goat  9. flow   10. loaf   11. throw   12. coach  13. so   14. grow

VOCABULARY: knowledge, curious, motion, silence, illness, imitated, darkness, behavior

MATH: 2-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping
          Reinforcement of Data/ Graphs
          Reinforcement of Addition with Regrouping
          Word Problems

Math Test on Data/Graphs: Friday, June 2
*There will be an end of year cumulative Math test on all concepts/skills introduced
and taught this year.  These are basic skills and concepts the children should know and understand and are reinforced throughout the year.*  Date to to be announced.  

SCIENCE: Introduction to Unit on Weather
               Types of Weather, Storms, Safety Tips, Water Cycle
*This will be our last Science Unit.  We will have a test on this chapter only
at the end of the unit.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will be finishing up our activities and unit on
Communities this week.  Test next week. Date TBA

*Introduction to our last unit: Economics /  In The Marketplace
 Needs and Wants / Goods and Services
Our last S.S. test will be on this chapter only. (at end of unit)  

RELIGION: School Mass on Thursday
                Pentecost ~ The Apostles receiveThe Holy Spirit
                Finish up chapter on Loving and Serving others
                We Work for Peace and Justice

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