Grade 1-1 with Miss Maley

Week of May 15th
Students homework is also stapled into their Homework notebooks.  



Monday: Math Workbook page 173-174

                   Spelling Homework


Tuesday: Math Workbook page 175-176

                   Spelling Homework


Wednesday: Math Workbook page  177-178

                             Spelling Homework

Thursday: Math Workbook page 179-180

                      Spelling Homework

Spelling Quiz tomorrow

Friday: Have a great Weekend!!!!


1. look                       7. foot

2 .book                      8. shook

3  good                      9. wood

4. brook                    10. hood

5. hook                      11. crook

6. took                       12. hoof

Monday: Write spelling words #1-6 three times each in your best handwriting.

Tuesday: Write spelling words # 7-12 three times each in your best handwriting.

Wednesday: Chose any five spelling words and write them in a sentence.

Thursday: Write the words in a list and highlight the vowels in each word.

Friday: return your spelling notebook to school. There will be a spelling quiz today on all twelve words.

If you have any questions for me email me at:

Please check and empty your child's folder every night.