3-1 (Mrs. Considine)

‚ÄčWelcome to the third grade for the 2017-2018 school year!

Regarding Mrs. Considine. . .

My name is Mrs. Anne Considine.  I'm so happy to be a member of the St. Christopher family, and I'm enthusiastically looking forward to working with you all.  

Teaching is a second career for me.  After working in business for many years and then raising my three young children, I decided to return to school to become a teacher. I completed an undergraduate program in elementary education and attained a Masters degree in Literacy Studies. I graduated from both of these programs with distinction. I'm permanently certified in elementary education and reading.

I am a product of the Catholic school system here on Long Island, as are my husband and our three children.  I've taught full time in two Catholic schools and served as a substitute teacher in three others, simultaneously.

My children are all grown now and out on their own.  My husband and I enjoy going into Manhattan to visit them. We love the energy and the culture of the city!  I also enjoy gardening, the beach, snowy days, and rea

Communicating with me:

You can reach me, Monday through Friday (through 3:00 pm.on Friday), via email at
aconsidine@stchris-school.org.  If you have something pressing, the best way to reach me is by writing me a note.  I'm so busy with the children during the day that I often don't see my email until the end of the day.  Each morning I ask the children to check their folders for notes for me, so if you've written to me, I'll definitely get your note.  


I'm a huge proponent of children reading books.  I have numerous books in the classroom that the children may borrow.  Each child must have a book to read with them at all times, each and every day, beginning with the first day of school.  They may read one of my classroom books. They may bring a book from home, the public library, or the school library.  I look forward to hearing about the many different books that the children are reading!   We love making book recommendations to our friends! 


If your child's dismissal plan changes, I must have a note.  I cannot release a child to anyone other than a designated guardian without a note signed by the parent.  State law requires a written signature.  This is for your child's safety.  If I don't have a note, I have to bring your child and the person that came to pick him/her up to the office.  The office will then have to call the parent to get authorization.  No one is ever happy when I have to do this, so please, please, to make things easier for everyone, send in a signed note.   


Please sign your child's planner and each page of homework every night.   Make sure that the homework that you sign corresponds with what is in the planner.  I appreciate your diligence regarding this matter!  It really makes a difference for your child!  There's a direct correlation between student success and parents' interest in his/her schoolwork.  

Assessment packages go home every Friday.  Please sign the cover sheet and return the whole package on Monday.  I keep these papers on file.  Thank you!



Please, please, please encourage your child to ask questions in class if they don't understand something, particularly during Math.  I always ask them to raise their hands if they're confused.

I go over the homework each day.  If they've had a problem with the homework,  they have to let me know.  Thanks for your cooperation.



Monday Computer 10:52-11:32
Tuesday  Art 10:10-10:50
Wednesday Gym 10:52-11:32 Music  1:01-1:41
Thursday Library 1:43-2:23
Friday Gym 1:43-2:23


Recess 11:34-11:54
Cafeteria 11:54-12:14