Mrs. O'Heir- Kindergarten (K-1)

I hope that you enjoyed the three day weekend and the Holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The children learned all about Dr. MLK and his “Dream” for equality for all. Then they, too, had dreams of how to make the world a better place. They drew them and they are hanging up in our room. I think the children have the politicians and law makers beaten by a mile.  

Last Week: In Religion we talked about the fact that we have many teachers in our lives. First and most important is our family. Then baby-sitters, school teachers, coaches and others teach us many things. The children realized that they, too, can teach others. We should be thankful and pray for the people who guide us, teach us and help us to grow and learn.  In Math we completed Chapter 6: Subtraction. Please continue to give your child lots practice in addition and subtraction. In ELA we began to work in Letter-book: Frits. The children enjoyed making Fancy Fingerprint Fish. They also designed and colored Jazzy Jackets that are hanging up to help decorate the classroom for Winter. Our theme was: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

THIS WEEK:                                                                                                      Religion: Chapter 11: “God Gives Me Neighbors.” The children will appreciate the neighbors and community helpers that we have.     
Math: We will begin Chapter 7: “Represent, Count and Write Numbers 11-19."  
ELA: We will complete Letter-book “Frits” and begin Letter- book “Ettabetta.” It is the SHORT sound of the vowel /e/ as in egg, engine and elephant.
Centers Theme: Projects for Catholic Schools Week
1 Please send in the name of the Senior Friend who will be here for your child, Thursday 1/31. We will have a project to do in our classroom with our Senior Guests. They should arrive at 2:00 and stay until dismissal.                                                                                             2. Please begin to think about the character that your child will represent on Monday 1/28 for the Storybook Character Parade. Our class has been reading author: Eric Carle.                                                                 3. OPEN HOUSE - Next Sunday 1/27. Please come and Bring A Friend!   4. Girls- Have you sent in your reservation for the Father/Daughter Dance on Feb. 2nd?


1. Monday: ART with Mrs. Fennessey
2. Tuesday: GYM with Mrs. Beihoff
3. Wednesday : COMPUTER with Mrs. Piazza  and GYM
4. â€‹Thursday: LIBRARY with Mrs. Hissong
5.  Friday: MUSIC with Mrs. Williams