Grade 8 Spanish


Hola Todos! Hello Everyone!
Bienvenida a la clase de Espanol! Welcome to spanish class!
Just a few things that I would like you all to know about.
I announce homework, quizzes, tests and projects in the classroom on the white board, students must write it down in their assignment pads. I will also announce those dates on the web page.
If a student is absent for a homework,quiz or test, the make-up is the next day the student is in class. If a student does not do their homework on time, I do accept it late but they will get a late grade and if it is handed in the next week, it is unacceptable.
LUNCH DETENTION: any student that is disruptive,disrespectful or becomes problematic will serve a detention during their lunch break with me in the spanish classroom. They may get their lunch and report back to my room where they will eat and do their spanish work.  I will inform the parents of any student that has had lunch detention.
I am available for extra help on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 8:15.
I hope we will have an exciting year together!
Ms. Gentile