5th Grade Health with Mrs. Beihoff
Health Grade 5

Health Homework Policy

Students must consider homework, reading, studying and completing assignments on time, essential parts of the learning process. The 5th, 6th 7th and 8th grade Health classes only meet once a week.  All homework is due the following class unless stated otherwise. Students have ample time between classes to complete their homework.   Homework is to be completed on loose leaf paper, neatly, and in script or typed.  All papers handed in to Mrs. Beihoff must have the following heading :

Full Name                                                                           Date:
St. Christopher School          Health           Day of the week/Grade/Group   

Lunch detention will be issued for any homework not handed in by the due date. All students must come prepared to class with a pen, paper to take notes, their health folder and textbook. A student will be considered unprepared if these items are not in health class with them.  Student can receive lunch detention for being unprepared.
Homework that is incomplete must be completed by the following class otherwise, a student will receive lunch detention.  All homework that is missed must be made up and incomplete work must be completed.  Homework counts toward the grade at the end of the trimester.      
Notes should be complete and up-to-date as, they can be collected and graded at any time. 
Test papers should be signed and returned the following health class.

Absence Policy

When a student is absent from school, they are responsible to acquire any notes or handouts that they missed while they were out.  All assignments, homework and projects and tests should be written in their planners.  I have assigned responsible students to write the homework and tests on the board in their homeroom.   Every student should have the phone number of at least two students in class from which they can get their missed class work, notes and homework. When a student misses a test, he/she must make arrangements to take the missed test within three days of their return to school otherwise, they will receive a failing grade on that test.  The students must come to Mrs. Beihoff, as she will not have time to come to them.
If a student has a long term illness, please notify the office and arrangements will be made for the student to get their work.
Failure to comply with the homework policy and absence policy will result in a consequence to the student's grade.