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                     W E L C O M E    TO    OUR    CLASS    PAGE!            
                          HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE LONG WEEKEND!    

     Looking forward to a special year of learning and working together with you and your child!    

Monday, Nov. 12 ~ NO SCHOOL ~ Veterans' Day!

Tuesday, Nov. 13~ Thanksgiving Food Drive Items Due ~ Corn and Cranberry sauce  

Wednesday, Nov. 14~ 

*Violin Today 
Thursday,  Nov. 15 ~  

Friday, Nov. 16 ~

*Seed Collection Projects are due on or before: Tuesday, Nov. 20th!
Information packets were sent home on Oct. 30th.    

*Noon Dismissal on: Wednesday, Nov. 21 ~ NO AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM!
                              *School Mass*
*No School on: Nov. 22-23 ~ Happy Thanksgiving to All!

*REMINDER: School Supply Money ~
Please send in all money due, if you have not done so.  Thank You!
 *New IXL Math and ELA Skills Activity sheets are sent home every two weeks.  Please work on new skills and practice and reinforce previous skills introduced.   **********************************************************************
* Planners ~ Please check planners daily.  Please return the planner to school. Thank You!

                                       IMPORTANT REMINDERS:  

*It is VERY IMPORTANT that your child knows how he/she will be dismissed from school!*
Please send in form or note stating if your child will be taking a bus (# of bus)
or if they will be a walker and will be picked up from school, 
as well as who will be picking them up!!  ​If there is a change in dismissal, please call
the office no later than 2:30 pm!! 

*IMPORTANT:  Please Note
If we do not receive a note or a phone call regarding a change in dismissal
procedure, your child will be sent home in their usual way.

* The "Specials Teachers and or Teacher Aides" and I will be taking turns taking
out the walkers at dismissal.

*After-School Program available* / Please send in note if your child will be attending!

* Hot Lunches:  Please sent in exact change in an envelope or Ziploc bag.
You may also purchase a "lunch card" for $20

*UNIFORMS:  Winter Uniforms and sweaters 

**HOMEWORK: Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday.
Homework assignments are found on the "Monthly Calendar", on the left  
 side of the class page.  Click on words.  Then, click on day/ date.  Homework assignment is
listed.**  Students should read and work on IXL skills daily and on the weekend.
*READING LOG FOLDERS: Due on the First of the Month ~ If day falls on the weekend,
return it on the next school day! Students should be reading at least 15 minutes daily
as part of their homework assignment.

MATH MINUTE:  On Wednesdays, Grades 1-5 will be working on a "math minute" activity, after Prayers. 
They will be given one minute to complete a worksheet on basic Math facts.  The student, in each class, with the most completed and correct answers, as well as the student who has shown the most improvement each week, will win a medal or certificate! 

*This Week's Class Winners:  Zoe /   Most Improved: Alex - ~ Congratulations!   
 Mondays: Art - 1:43 - 2:23 - Mrs. Fennessey
Tuesday:  Computer: 12:17-12:57- Mrs. Piazza
Wednesday:  Gym: 1:43- 2:23 - Mrs. Beihoff
Thursday:  Library - 10:10 - 10:50 -Mrs. Hissong
Friday:  Gym - 9:28 - 10:08 Mrs. Beihoff
           12:17 - 12:57 - Music - Mrs. Williams

Lunch/Recess: 11:34 - 12:14

*Children may bring a bag lunch or they may order lunch.  If ordering lunch, please
send in exact change in an envelope, labeled with child's name and order.
*Lunch Cards my also be purchased for $20.00.*


Mondays: Chicken Nuggets ~ $ 2.00
Tuesdays: Hamburger ~ $ 2.00
               French Fries ~ $ 1. 50
Wednesday: Bagels ~ Plain, Butter, Cream Cheese ~ $ 2.00
                  Mac and Cheese ~ $ 2.00
Thursday:  Hot Dog or Grilled Cheese sandwich ~ $ 2.00
Friday:       Pizza ~ $ 2.00 per slice

DRINKS:  Reg. or Chocolate Milk ~ $ .50
              Apple or Orange juice ~ $ .75
              Water: $ .75

                                           T H I S    W E E K:

  *Please Note: Plans are subject to change.* 

RELIGION: The Sacrament of Reconciliation ~ Jesus Forgives

                 We Can Choose What is Good 

                 The Parable of the Prodigal Son 
                 The Story of Saul
 Concepts and Vocabulary: free will, conscience, sin, penance, reconciliation, absolution 

* We began learning the Act of Contrition. (We are learning it in parts.)
  *Please practice at home.

READING:  Finish Diary of a Spider ~  Cause and Effect Activity

BAT THEMATIC UNIT: We will be reading different non-fiction books, articles, poems, and
reading packets related to bats.  

*Looking for and Writing Non-Fiction Facts: Using the above as well as the following books:
* Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats and Time for Kids Article: Going Batty 


GOING BATTY!  Our class will be "going batty" for the next couple of weeks, as  
we will be starting our fun and interesting Thematic Unit on BATS!
This unit will integrate all subject areas!  We will be spending a few weeks on this
unit.  There will be a test on vocabulary and concepts learned at the end of the unit.
The children will have a "Bat Folder" which they will keep in school and will be sent home when we complete the unit.

I hope you will enjoy learning about these amazing and often "misunderstood" animals along with your child!!   As I say every year...by the end of the unit you will all learn to love bats and your child may even want one as a pet! : ) 

* Students should know and understand the meanings of words as they relate to bats!*
bat, mammal, furry, pup, wings, fingers, caves, roost colony, migrate, hibernate,
vampire, fruit, insects, nocturnal, nurseries, microbats, megabats, echolocation;

PHONICS:  Long and Short Vowel Sounds and High Frequency Words 

ELA: *Subjects - Identifying the subject in a sentence; 
Introduction to: Nouns
Identifying, classifying, sorting nouns: Person, Place, or Thing 

 Place Value: Two-Digit Numbers

* Value of a Digit 
*Expanded Notation ~ Tens and Ones
*Different Ways to Write a Number (numbers, tens and ones, words) 

*Review and reinforcement of basic and previously learned concepts and skills;

*Word Problems~ Addition and Subtraction ~ Identifying Clue Words and important/pertinent information in a word problem;

*IXL Skills
The students should be 
working on IXL as part of their daily homework.*  

SCIENCE: Focus on:  Bat Thematic Unit Activities
​*Seed Project Information was sent home last week* 
                 Projects Due on or before Nov. 20th! 

SOCIAL STUDIES: ​  Geography
                            Maps and Globes
                            Compass Rose  
                            Cardinal Directions: N,S,E,W
                            Using a Map Key
                            Map Skills / Following Directions on a Map
* The Seven Continents / Which continents do bats live on? 

             Thanksgiving ~ Books,  Activities and Poetry
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